BM Institute of Indian Music offers Online Courses for Carnatic Vocal, Keyboard & Violin..

The Institute offers systematic and result-oriented courses, and more than 200/250 students from various countries have been benefited.

Advantages of our Online Classes  

1. One-to-One classes.                                                                          
2. Simplified song notes to learn & play.              
3. Innovative short-cut methods of approaching music.
4. Song notes in printable format.
5. Video support during classes.  
6. Audio recordings for practice.
7. Complete basics for freshers.        
8. No age limit.                
9. Customised lessons, according to the level/requirement of the students.
10. Songs as per student's choice, after reaching the required level.

Speciality of our Online Classes

1. Classes will be more practical oriented, and less theoritical.
2. We give perfect notation for all the lessons/ songs
3. We provide mridhangam rhythm loops for practicing songs
4. We not only teach students, but also give them the required support when they prepare for stage concerts/ record their songs.
5. We give regular feed backs on the students' progress, and help them to emerge as a professional musician.

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Presently we have students from many parts of USA / Canada / UK / Germany / France / Africa / Australia / Jamaica / Saudi Arabia / Singapore / New Zealand / Ireland / Norway / India & many other countries.       

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