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BM Institute of Keyboard (BMIK) conducts keyboard classes online for carnatic and western music. More details on

Visitors of this blog may get very useful information about music and musical instruments, in particular, keyboard. You can get our guidance for purchase of the right keyboard to suit your requirement. Also we have given the basic arrangement of keys in the keyboard, some basic functions of the keyboard, a few tips on fingering, and also some useful information on ragas & thalas.

We will be adding more stuff on the fundamentals of music, musical instruments, raga, thala, composers, notation, lyrics etc.,

To learn keyboard online, please visit our official site : BM Institute of Keyboard or submit an Enquiry Form, so that we can reach you back.

Founder : Bh.Murali, a versatile musician, and an experienced music educator. He is a performing artist on the Electronic keyboard, and he also plays many instruments like harmonium, violin, mandolin and guitar in addition to singing carnatic vocal...He has developed many shortcuts in teaching music and you can learn keyboard in the shortest period.

For more details, please visit : Online Classes

Friday, July 30, 2010

Learn Carnatic Music Online

BM Institute of Indian Music, Chennai 37 offers Online Classes for Indian Music Carnatic & Western. Classes are handled by experienced teachers,. and its Online Classes are one-to-one, effective and highly result-oriented.

BMIIM conducts online classes for students in India and abroad. You may contact us through the 'Enquiry Form' available in this blog.

For more details, please visit : Online Classes

Practice your vocal lessons with Keyboard to improve your singing...

Keyboard is the simplest of all musical instruments. To learn music in the shortest time., one can start learning it through Keyboard. In olden days, people used to teach music with the help of a harmonium. Even now the Hindusthani Music is being taught along with a harmonium only. When you learn to sing the swaras, the playing of the harmonium helps you to correct the mistakes & learn music perfectly.

Now-a-days, the Electronic Keyboard which is a modernised harmonium, has advanced features like styles, different tones & it has got the transpose facility (which helps to tune the instrument to the sruthi of your voice).

Hence it is better for any music-learner to parallelly learn the Keyboard to strengthen his music education. The Keyboard give a lot of support & guidance for the learner and makes him understand music perfectly.

Learn Music Online on a Fast Track !!!

BM Institute of Keyboard offers the following music courses online on a fast track.
  • Carnatic on Keyboard
  • Cine songs on Keyboard
  • Basics of Indian Music on the Keyboard
  • Bhajans on the Keyboard
  • Carnatic - Vocal
  • Western Music Theory - Trinity College London Grade Exams
  • Western Keyboard Piano - Practical -Trinity College London Grade Exams
  • Western Chords for Indian Music
  • MIDI Editing and sequencing
  • Art of Notation writing

and many more..

Learn music professionally from expert performers/teachers. Submit the Enquiry Form today and Experience the joy of learning Music Online !!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Which form of Music is easy to Learn ?

Both the forms of music, namely the Indian & the Western are equally easy or hard to learn. But on comparing the notations of both the forms of music, it will be very easy to learn the basics & simple songs like rhymes, bhajans, simple cine songs through the Indian method (in particular Carnatic).

In the Western form, notation will be difficult to understand, as every minute aspect of the song is written in the 'staff' notation. The Western notation is thus a bit hard to learn and read. Moreover, in the Indian method, it is possible to sing the notes very easily, and memorise the notes for any song.

This suggestion is for those who want to learn music in a fast-track. In case you want to learn music seriously and attain proficiency, you can learn any form.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Learning Music through Electronic Keyboard

In general, learning music is a long process and if a person wants to learn music in a methodical way, it will take atleast 6 - 7 years for him/her to reach a normal level in music. Learning music through the Electronic Keyboard is a short-cut, I can say.

You need not have to understand sound and timing. If you press a key, you will hear the swara. The rhythms loops available in the Keyboard will guide you to understand the timing to a certain level. I can say the Electronic Keyboard is a self-learning Instrument, if you have a sence of music. Else, you can learn the principles of music through the keyboard from a teacher and then try playing it of your own, after understanding the basics of music & keyboard.

If you want to attain self satisfaction by playing music of your own, then the Electronic Keyboard is the best choice.