Here we have given a collection of tools available on the net, which will be very useful for music learners.

Mridhangam Thalam for practicing Carnatic Lessons...

Carnatic Music learners normally practice the lessons with out any rhythm, or with a Keyboard rhythm. It is advisable to practice the lessons in carnatic environment (with sruthi & mridhangam thalam) to get the carnatic feel & to enjoy your practice sessions..

Mridhangam thalam (recorded by Bh.Murali), is available for free in his website in the following link :

Visit :'s_corner2.html

Music students can make use of this facility and have nice practice sessions.


An excellent Rhythm Machine available in the net for free...

Visit :

Music learners can explore this application and make use of it for understanding music and even for recording songs along with rhythm. A lot of rhythms are available in this application, and their tempos can also be varied according to the requirement. Using these rhythms, any one can compose a rhythm and upload it to the site, which can be retrieved and used at any time.


Online Metronome...

The webmetronome is a very useful and a free tool to practice music with proper rhythm.

Visit :


Slow MP3...

This is another useful tool for music learners, which helps to slow down the tempo of the selected musical phrase/song. You can also transpose the song to your convenient sruthi for practice.

Visit :


Sruthi Box & Tabla beats

For Android / Iphone users : Pocket Raga ,  Tambura Droid  & Shadjam Carnatic Kit are very useful tools.


Online Tambura

For PC / Laptop users :: Online Tambura


Carnatic Mridangam - Jalra (One of the best applications for practicing songs with mridangam beats)

For Android Mobiles & Tabs

Click here for details on JALRA Application

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