Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Learning Music through Electronic Keyboard

In general, learning music is a long process and if a person wants to learn music in a methodical way, it will take atleast 6 - 7 years for him/her to reach a normal level in music. Learning music through the Electronic Keyboard is a short-cut, I can say.

You need not have to understand sound and timing. If you press a key, you will hear the swara. The rhythms loops available in the Keyboard will guide you to understand the timing to a certain level. I can say the Electronic Keyboard is a self-learning Instrument, if you have a sence of music. Else, you can learn the principles of music through the keyboard from a teacher and then try playing it of your own, after understanding the basics of music & keyboard.

If you want to attain self satisfaction by playing music of your own, then the Electronic Keyboard is the best choice.