Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Learning Music through Electronic Keyboard

In general, learning music is a long process and if a person wants to learn music in a methodical way, it will take atleast 6 - 7 years for him/her to reach a normal level in music. Learning music through the Electronic Keyboard is a short-cut, I can say.

You need not have to understand sound and timing. If you press a key, you will hear the swara. The rhythms loops available in the Keyboard will guide you to understand the timing to a certain level. I can say the Electronic Keyboard is a self-learning Instrument, if you have a sence of music. Else, you can learn the principles of music through the keyboard from a teacher and then try playing it of your own, after understanding the basics of music & keyboard.

If you want to attain self satisfaction by playing music of your own, then the Electronic Keyboard is the best choice.


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  2. Is it possible to learn at the age 61

  3. Is it possible to learn at the age 61

    1. Yes Sekar. As long as you have self interest, then age is not a matter. Have heart full of interests and patience until reach your heights. But remember you have to be ready to work harder as well as smarter till reaching the target. Best of Luck.


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