Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Music is everybody's breath

Music, I can say, is everybody's breath. In almost all our day-today activities, music comes along. A mother makes her child sleep, by singing a song. When we are very happy, we bring out our happiness by way of a cheerful song. When we are sad also, we hum a song, which can console us. Many of us sing when we take bath, or while cooking or while drawing a picture. Music is embedded inside every human being and only the percentage of coming out differs.

In the school, children sing a prayer song, to begin the day. In temples, they begin the day with melodius devotional songs. We begin a meeting with a prayer song, and end it with the National Anthem. In the Television, Radio Channel, Cinema, there is not a minute without music. Just imagine a Cinema with dialogues, without a piece of music. It can never give any expressions. In an advertisement, music plays an important role. In a hotel they play music, and in a Wedding Reception, music plays a key role.

Music theraphy says, we can even cure diseases by music. Medical research has proved that even heart diseases and diabetes can be  controlled by listening to good music. A student is able to get a good concentration, if he listens or sings music. It is found out that even animals & plants are attracted by good music. To conclude, music is a part of everybody's life and those who involve much in music, are able to achieve very big goals easily.