Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Different types of Music Lovers

People have different musical tastes. Some people listen to Carnaric Classical Music only, some listen to Cine Music and some listen to Western Classical, Pops & Blues. There are many people who have a mixed musical interest, who listen to all there categories of music. In fact they like to compare a cine song with a carnatic one, based on the raaga. and some will be thrilled in identifying the raaga in a song.

Electronic Keyboard - the simplest Musical Instrument

The Electronic Keyboard is the simplest of all musical instruments. It is a versatile, comprehensive and multi-purpose musical instrument.

Types of Musical Instruments

There are different types of musical instruments like String Instruments (eg., violin, cello etc), Plucking Instruments (e.g., veena, guitar, mandolin etc), Percussion Instruments (etc., mridhangam, tabla, drums etc), Wind Instruments (e.g., flute, recorder, saxaphone, nadhaswaram etc), Reed Instruments (e.g., piano, harmonium etc). Of all there instruments, Reed Instruments are very easy to learn & practice, as you will get the notes by simply pressing a Reed/Key.

The Electronic Keyboard can be classified under Reed Instruments category, with a lot of technology support, like in-built rhytm, various tones, different mixing controls, pitch bend, transpose facility, varying tempos, etc. Even a person who does not have any musical knowledge can attempt the instruments and get some tunes of his own.

Music is everybody's breath

Music, I can say, is everybody's breath. In almost all our day-today activities, music comes along. A mother makes her child sleep, by singing a song. When we are very happy, we bring out our happiness by way of a cheerful song. When we are sad also, we hum a song, which can console us. Many of us sing when we take bath, or while cooking or while drawing a picture. Music is embedded inside every human being and only the percentage of coming out differs.

In the school, children sing a prayer song, to begin the day. In temples, they begin the day with melodius devotional songs. We begin a meeting with a prayer song, and end it with the National Anthem. In the Television, Radio Channel, Cinema, there is not a minute without music. Just imagine a Cinema with dialogues, without a piece of music. It can never give any expressions. In an advertisement, music plays an important role. In a hotel they play music, and in a Wedding Reception, music plays a key role.

Music theraphy says, we can even cure diseases by music. Medical research has proved that even heart diseases and diabetes can be  controlled by listening to good music. A student is able to get a good concentration, if he listens or sings music. It is found out that even animals & plants are attracted by good music. To conclude, music is a part of everybody's life and those who involve much in music, are able to achieve very big goals easily.