Friday, July 30, 2010

Practice your vocal lessons with Keyboard to improve your singing...

Keyboard is the simplest of all musical instruments. To learn music in the shortest time., one can start learning it through Keyboard. In olden days, people used to teach music with the help of a harmonium. Even now the Hindusthani Music is being taught along with a harmonium only. When you learn to sing the swaras, the playing of the harmonium helps you to correct the mistakes & learn music perfectly.

Now-a-days, the Electronic Keyboard which is a modernised harmonium, has advanced features like styles, different tones & it has got the transpose facility (which helps to tune the instrument to the sruthi of your voice).

Hence it is better for any music-learner to parallelly learn the Keyboard to strengthen his music education. The Keyboard give a lot of support & guidance for the learner and makes him understand music perfectly.