Friday, July 30, 2010

Learn Carnatic Music Online

BM Institute of Indian Music, Chennai 83 offers Online Classes for Indian Music (in particular Carnatic). Classes are handled by experienced teachers,. and its Online Classes are one-to-one, effective and highly result-oriented.

The school conducts Online Classes for all ages. You can submit your admission form here :


  1. Indian music is very special and unusual. Those, who want to learn it must be very talented and hard-working.

  2. I think my husband will like this information. He recently began to get carried away with such music

  3. It's great that you can learn something online cause my schedule sometimes won't allow me to have these lessons. Even my freelance job at reviews takes a lot of time.

  4. If the classes are conducted by experienced teachers, this will definitely bring a lot of benefits for your development.


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