Saturday, November 10, 2012


BM Institute of Keyboard (BMIK) conducts keyboard classes online for carnatic and western music. More details on

Visitors of this blog may get very useful information about music and musical instruments, in particular, keyboard. You can get our guidance for purchase of the right keyboard to suit your requirement. Also we have given the basic arrangement of keys in the keyboard, some basic functions of the keyboard, a few tips on fingering, and also some useful information on ragas & thalas.

We will be adding more stuff on the fundamentals of music, musical instruments, raga, thala, composers, notation, lyrics etc.,

To learn keyboard online, please visit our official site : BM Institute of Keyboard or submit an Enquiry Form, so that we can reach you back.

Founder : Bh.Murali, a versatile musician, and an experienced music educator. He is a performing artist on the Electronic keyboard, and he also plays many instruments like harmonium, violin, mandolin and guitar in addition to singing carnatic vocal...He has developed many shortcuts in teaching music and you can learn keyboard in the shortest period.

For more details, please visit : Online Classes